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Community Portal

Welcome to the
Bryneglwys Community Council website


The purpose of this site is to meet the statutory requirements placed on the Council for the provision of information to residents.

The banner in the top right corner will tell you the date that the site is updated.  Whilst the “RECENTLY PUBLISHED” banner will tell you what has recently been added.

The statutory requirements include specific information concerning Public Notices, Minutes of Council meetings, Financial Reports & Audits, Councillors and the Register of Interests of Councillors.

We will also include the Standing Orders of the Council, the Code of Conduct, the Financial Regulations and items of News that we feel will be of interest to residents.

There will also be pages with updates on the Council’s latest projects and their achievements on your behalf for the community.

Our aim is to provide the maximum transparency of our locally democratic actions on behalf of our community.

You are always welcome to attend our meetings.  You can raise matters at the meeting if they are business items on the Agenda or in advance by contacting our Clerk.

We would also like you to get involved.  Although Community Councillors are elected there are also many opportunities for you to contribute to the well-being of Bryneglwys.

The MENU on the left can be picked up and moved around the screen if it helps you get access to the pages listed.


Cllr. Paul Anyon

Acting Clerk

updated 10th June 2020